How many measurement instruments would you like us to list on the paper?

The directions are below for the assignment. PLEASE follow the directions and reach out with any questions you may have. ALSO, I have attached my assignment three paper ( conceptual framework) for your reference.
Using Chapter 9: Sections 9.3, 9.4, 9.5, & 9.6 as a reference, as well as your Assignment Three: Conceptual Framework descriiption, outline the specific qualitative, quantitative, or mixed-method measurement instrument(s) you intend to use in your study.
Also, provide a clear rationale for why you selected this measurement instrument (or instruments) for your study.
As stated previously, be as clear and specific about the details as possible. Keep in mind that you are developing an applied research proposal that could be administered in a local agency or social service setting where you could potentially be employed as a MSW. Therefore, develop your proposal in a manner that would allow you to describe what you are trying to accomplish within the context of where the study would potentially take place (e.g., public school, community agency, child protective services department, etc.) Visualize yourself describing this aspect (and all aspects) of your research proposal to the director, staff, board, community members and/or clients who would provide approval and support for the project.
Use the following headers:
Descriiption of Measurement Instrument
Rational for Using Measurement Instrument
Make Sure to Use APA Format
Format your paper using APA style guidelines. Make sure to provide appropriate citations, references, headers, and formatting. The page length should be enough to address and describe each section of the paper. Use 12 point font for the main body of the paper.
You will receive the following points based on the clarity of your thought process and writing: up to 5 points for spelling, grammar, mechanics, and use of APA style; up to 7.5 points for each of the two sections of the paper.
Upload using Modules or Assignments in Canvas.
Additional Information from previous students.
Hello Professor, Assignment four – Measurement – so my understanding is to find measurement tools through the internet that have been used to support the study and describe them correct? How many measurement instruments would you like us to list on the paper? In my study I believe I mentioned Qualitative and Quantitative and mixed method data collection. Although is it appropriate to change data collection if I find measurement tools that I feel will work best with youth, correct? Any additional clarification is appreciated. Thank You.
Great questions. Thanks for seeking clarification!
As with so many things in designing a research project, it gets rather complicated based on the nature of your study.
With a qualitative study, Assignment 4 may be as simple as describing a set of open ended questions you intend to ask participants via a face to face interview or by administering a written or online survey. In this case, you would probably develop the questions yourself based on the area you are investigating. In a qualitative study you are not attempting to measure specific variables, instead you are looking for and identifying general themes and patterns in the participant’s responses. Qualitative measurement is a much more open ended measurement and analysis process. For the purpose of the assignment, you would simply want to describe what kind of questions you would use by specifying the general content of the questions (provide a few examples of the type of questions you would ask) and the format of the questions (face to face vs. survey).
In a quantitative study, you would want to identify at least one standardized measurement instrument or scale (via an internet search and/or library resources) that would help to quantify the specific phenomena you are observing. Note: more instruments is not necessary better, as a general rule, one instrument is easier to implement than two or more. In quantitative studies, independent and dependent variables come into play and you are using a much more specific measurement process. Therefore you want to clearly identify the standardized instrument(s) you will be using and when you will administer them (e.g., pre- and post-test).
In a mixed method approach, you use both of the above techniques–so, for this assignment, if you are using a mixed methods approach you would want to clearly and concisely spell out both of the areas outlined above.

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