How did Jane Goodall go about being the first person to do research among wild chimpanzees and literally invent a field of research?

1.How did Jane Goodall go about being the first person to do research among wild chimpanzees and literally invent a field of research?
2.There are benefits and drawbacks to being the first, including not having anyone else to model the work after… please note and discuss 2 things she did “right” and 2 things she did “wrong” in your opinion. Explain in detail, please, and “update” her research strategy.
3.Bonus: this film has some wonderful archival footage from the early years of her research, but it is dated (from the 1980s) … our world has changed over the last 40 years changed, and so have our opinions and our culture. What details in this documentary would be done or worded differently if it were made today, do you think? (up to 5 bonus points for a solid paragraph offering your critical production notes)
Your research response should be 250-350 words, typed and double-spaced.
Your grade will be based on the following:
the response must total at least 250 words, or the score will be prorated.
10 points for proper style and formatting: the response must be typed or clearly had-written, and double-spaced, there must be indentations or paragraph breaks where appropriate. It should be left justified, not center justified.
20 points for each question answered, scored as 90-100% A; 89-80% B; 79-70% C; 69-60% D; below 60% F. This score is at the instructor’s sole discretion.
5 points bonus for an effective set of production critique notes embedded at the end of the page. These will be added manually in the Canvas Gradebook.
No sources are required, but for full points, clearly refer to material from class or the presentations to support your response.
This Scientific Method Essay 1 will be submitted by March 18 at 5 PM

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