How, according to the natural law ethics of Thomas Aquinas, can humans discover what God commands?

I have two great supplementary resources that you may read through to help your understanding:
How, according to the natural law ethics of Thomas Aquinas, can humans discover what God commands?
Guidelines for All AssignmentsDiscussion AssignmentsOverview:● Students are expected to read the assigned readings, allowing them toactively participate in any discussion forums assigned during the week.● Students are required to actively participate in threaded onlinediscussions. This activity is intended to be a forum in which students helpeach other to understand and analyze thereadings as well as raise critical questions and toengage in scholarly dialogueabout them.Instructions:● Please post your Main Discussion post by 11:59PM each Wednesday. Yourmain discussion should consist of a minimum of 300 words (not includingany quotes or citations fromliterature).● During the week, students must reply to at least two other posts before11:59PM Sunday CST. Each response post should be at least 200 wordseach.Requirements:● Main Discussion posts should be designed to generate dialogue and to provokecritique,analysis, and reflection on the specific themes of the readings. Thismeans that youshould craft an engaging discussion post. If you are able to include some questions that yourfellow classmates can answer tohelp facilitate a healthy discussion, you should always aim todo so.● Each post must include a word count at the top of the discussion post.● Students must include references for any citation.● After the above

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