explore this important website by Tableau Public called Feeding America Research Profile

W2 Writing Assignment: Feeding America
Requirements: Answer the following activity questions in a 3-4 page reflection and submit your responses to the instructor using the Writing Assignment Folder in Sakai. Your document should be in a Word document format (.doc or .docx).
This week you had an opportunity to explore hunger data, statistics, and research that is provided by Feeding America.
First, please explore this video to broaden your perspective for Activities A, B, and C:
Feeding America’s Map the Meal Gap

Now, you must complete the 3 activities listed below and write a reflection on each.
Activity A – Demographics of Hunger
Part 1: Use the interactive map:
Map your state and use the interactive map on the Feeding America website below to find the specific statistics and data points about hunger in the state that you currently reside in. Please scroll down the page to view the interactive map and useful data.
Part 2: Explore the following website:
**Important: Students requiring additional accommodation for this activity
Please also explore this important website by Tableau Public called Feeding America Research Profile. This website/research profile shows statistical data on Living Low Income in America.
Part 3: Answer the following questions in your Activity A Reflection:
What is the current hunger gap for the state/county you chose?
Is this different for children than the overall statistic (including adults)?
What were your thoughts about this tool?
Activity B – Who Goes Hungry?
Part 1: Read the following article:
by Allison Weber
Part 2: Explore the following videos:
Part 3: Answer the following questions in your Activity B Reflection:
What are some of the issues that the individuals/families are facing that lead to hunger?
What thoughts did you have when watching the videos?
Activity C – Find a Local Food Pantry
Part 1: Locate a local food pantry:
Use the interactive map tool from Activity A to find a local food pantry in your area. Use your zip code or state and enter this information into the search bar on the Feeding America website below:
Part 2: Answer the following questions in your Activity C Reflection:
How many food pantries are in your area? Does this number surprise you?
Have you visited any of these pantries in the past – donated, volunteered or used the pantry? If so, what are your overall impressions of the food pantry system – positive and negative? If not, describe where you would choose to visit and why.

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