Explain the relationship between sport/exercise type, most utilized metabolic pathway, and ATP capacity.

This will be a discussion post discussing bioenergetics and exercise metabolism. You must support your response with at least one new peer-reviewed article, but can also cite any of the required or recommended resources. For this particular assignment, using Kenney W. L., Wilmore, J., Costill, D. Physiology of Sport and Exercise (7th ed.). Human Kinetics, Champaign, IL. 2019 Ch. 2 “Fuel for Exercise: Bioenergetics and Muscle Metabolism”, respond to the following topic:
Explain the relationship between sport/exercise type, most utilized metabolic pathway, and ATP capacity.
Discussions require a response to specific questions that results in collaborative conversations and construction of knowledge that builds and expands learning within the course. You must support your Discussion postings and responses with references, unless you are asked to provide personal opinion or personal reflection for a specific question. Unless noted otherwise, your initial discussion postings should be approximately 500 words in length, substantive and scholarly in nature. I have attached links to relevant videos explaining these topics and other recommended resources to elaborate on the assignment expectations.

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