discussing contemporary issues such as Confederate Statues and Name Changes of schools

Considering the genocide committed upon Native Americans, the stereotypical images of the “Indian” that is a fixture in the US media, their virtual exclusion from the history books in schools. and their socio-economic status of poverty to date, are Native American team mascots in American Schools and Sports teams honoring Native American Peoples?
Or, do such logos and mascots further the vicious cycle of prejudice and discrimination against them as does say confederate flags and stereotypical images of blacks, Latinos and women that are extant in American media and society? What do you think?
Lastly, who is Billy Mills and Charlene Teeters and others folks highlighted? Will they win this battle? Why or Why not?
You must use a current source (beyond those provided in the module) to bring the discussion current and to again, support your ideas.
Use the criteria in reflection grading rubric, and follow the rules for avoiding plagiarism found in your syllabus.
Be Clear, be original and be creative and do not write essay paper and paste it across multiple PPT slides.
Include evidence from our source materials (textbook, thanksgiving article by Siskind, and documentary Dishonorable Mention, and at least 1 outside scholarly article or credible news source) to support your arguments… discussing contemporary issues such as Confederate Statues and Name Changes of schools, Universities, buildings and/ or military bases will too require sources so again, properly reference your answers/ sources within the presentation and at the end of your CREATIVE powerpoint presentation.

(Click this youtube link above. It will be able to help complete the assignment)
(Not able to create in a file … this is a sociology class book with the link to the topics)
While handy for general reference, general encyclopedias, including Encarta or Wikipedia are not
appropriate for academic research and they will not be counted as references in this course.
Please include the material thatis copied in the instructions and added to the file as sources. I need atleast 1 scholarly article or credible news source.
Please include reference slide

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