Discuss whether the links are present in the organization and in what form?

Week 2 Discussion/Performance Management Process
Question 1: Choose an organization that you are familiar with and consider the links of the performance management process as shown on p. 42
a. prerequisites – performance planning
b. performance planning – performance execution
c. performance execution – performance assessment
d. performance assessment – performance review
e. performance review – prerequisites
Discuss whether the links are present in the organization and in what form?
Given your answers to the first question, what can be done to fix each of the disrupted links in the process?
Question 2:What is the difference between job and work analysis? What are the best data gathering methods that should be employed in job and work analysis? What might be potential biases that may emerge during data gathering and how can they be mitigated? In your own words, how would you convince an organizational leader to engage in this practice if they are not currently doing so?
Each question needs minimum 250 words and a citation in APA

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