Discuss the significance of religion in the social and political history of African societies.

The final paper is based on the course lectures, sections, readings and visuals covered throughout the quarter. Answers should be typed, double-spaced, and include one-inch margins as well as page numbers. Also, please state your full name and provide your student ID in the top right corner.
The essay consists of 2 essay questions, to which you will answer in three pages each (90 pts.). In addition, the explication of a proverb learned in lecture (10 pts).
You will nswer question #1 and choose question #2 from the list below. Each essay question should be well structured. It must include a thesis statement and showcase your familiarity with the course material. In other words, you must organize your thoughts into a coherent argument and illustrate your answers with specific historical information drawn from the course materials (peoples, places, dates, events, significance). Be sure to pay attention to change over time (historical periods) and to make specific references to the relevant course readings. You need not provide a bibliography, just refer to the readings simply by citing the last name of the author.
Each question should be answered within about 3 pages in length. The entire paper should not exceed 8 double-spaced pages. It must be a polished piece of writing, so be sure to edit and re-edit before submitting.
Question #1 (3 pages)
From the rise of Ancient Egypt (c. 3000 BCE), to the heydays of the Empire of Mali (1300s) and the Great Zimbabwe (1400s), African societies built great and powerful states. Using examples from at least three different regions discuss the emergence and flourishing of the earliest states in African history.
Oyestion #2- Choose one out of the following three prompts to answer (3 pages).
1.Recent studies have revealed new information about the determinants of slavery and the rules of enslavement among various African societies. Based on a review of Olaudah Equiano’s autobiography and the articles by Tim Cleaveland and Olatunji Ojo, as well as insights gained from other readings and lectures, discuss the determinants of slavery among different African societies.
2. Discuss the significance of religion in the social and political history of African societies. Use examples from at least three different societies (such as ethnic groups, kingdoms and/or empires) to illustrate your points.
3. Based on what you have learned in this course, what are some of Africa’s most important contributions to world history?
Part II. Lastly, discuss a proverb or saying of your choice drawn from the lectures. Relate this proverb to a historical event covered in this course (1 or 2 paragraphs).

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