create the prototype and mock up design of your project for possible implementation of business in the market.

Im taking my masters of science in innovation and change of management.
I need an innovative person or someone who has background on innovation to work on my project.
course: Innovation in smart product & services.
This is part 3 of my project. I have done part 1 and part 2 and got full marks on them ( you will find them attached VL1 – PART 1 + VL2 – Part 2).
The main objective of this assignment is to develop a innovative project concept individually and create the prototype and mock up design of your project for possible implementation of business in the market.
Prototype designing and development of your project is the best way to validate the concept /solution and test the production of the idea before launching it to the market ,
You need to present your project by developing a presentation or another innovative method to visualize the project concept and illustrate the product/services features and elements reflecting all what you have learned from VL1 & VL2 .
(Maximum 6 slides )
• Introduction
• Project Profile (Concept , PIC , Attributes ,features &elements)
• Value mapping to customers or corporate or community or economic
growth .
• Consideration of marketing strategy and protection of the intellectual
• Limitation & next step
please check the guideline files ( i attached 2 guideline files: the first one is the project guideline and what is needed+ the second file is the professors important notes on the project guideline when she was explaining in depth). I have attached the slides for terms explanation and understanding the concept as well for the extra helpful files” the professor have posted. Also please check the uber case since she mentioned it is important to apply the same concept while working on the project.
Please don’t miss anything I have mentioned from the guideline from the professor. and make sure to do the prototype. don’t forget to include the citations you use and add notes in each slide on what to say while presenting.
Thank you.

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