Briefly describe each civilization again, and add a sentence or two of your own thoughts

Suggested Title: Native American Civilizations Prior to European Exploration
Choose three of the following: Aztecs, Incas, Iroquois, Mississippian (Mound Builders), Pueblo
Introduction (1 paragraph)
Begin with a couple of sentences that introduce the overall topic of the paper. An elaboration of the title works fine.
Add three sentences, each of which is a basic descriiption of one of the civilizations you will be discussing. You can basically use the same sentence that begins your body paragraphs.
Body (3 paragraphs)
Begin each paragraph with an overall descriiption. Here is an example:
The Aztecs were a powerful empire that occupied modern-day Mexico.
Next, provide 6-8 sentences describing the empire.
You might consider: agricultural practices, religious beliefs/practices, family structures.
Provide a brief reference for each source at the end of the paragraph, like this 1
Conclusion (1 paragraph)
Briefly describe each civilization again, and add a sentence or two of your own thoughts.
Provide full URL addresses for each source. Number the sources so they correspond with the numbers at the end of each paragraph.
Please see: APA/MLA format

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