Are their points that you disagree with or are not sure of?

book name
Title: The Morality of Radical Economics (MRE)
Author: Ron Baiman
Publisher: Palgrave
Edition: 2016
ISBN: 9781137455581
Please summarize and discuss one or more of the chapters of one of the following
books or papers available in D2L for the course:
For this paper the book we will use is called “Morality of Radical Economics” Chapter 6 that starts on page 139.
I will upload the Chapters below, please only use what i am providing, no external sources.
Please type your paper and try to restrict it to a length of no more than five pages
double spaced, and cover the following points:
1) Write a short summary of the contents of the Chapter(s).
2) Do you agree with its conclusions and/or analysis?
3) Are their points that you disagree with or are not sure of?
4) How does this chapter relate (or not) to material and discussion covered in class?
I prefer APA style
Please submit it to me before the deadline so i can make sure everything is good.

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