5 to 10-minute length and explain a little about the context in the draft

(what you think gonna write in the paper which is obviously in terms of law and literature you can think of a text as example Ezra pound and literary law this is the only example you can do another one or maybe you can think of something else some other text you want a sort of work out your paper should have a question on law and literature you can define as you want for example law in Shakespeares account those are only examples…t you can define the topic as you see fit! the paper can be on different things example different legal cases, or critical analysis of a text and how would deal it with a law, sort of representation of the law within that text, representation of judges, or defendence, victim, etc. the easiest kind of paper to write in substance is to discuss how the law is discussed within the text, kind of straightforward literarily analysis. example how low is discussed within the novel XXX.or what does law means for Joice within the conception of the law as Joice talks about different trials of law. the corpus should be in English and ideally related to English literature talk about the law for example in UK or US.you can use any kind of sources but I will send you my course literature lists so as to know what we have studied within the course seminars you can find them in the word file and please before starting the work just listen the audio which is the professor talk about this assignment the sound of the male professor. but need a draft on 13 March as I have to present my work which should (present a little bit about the way what you think doesn’t have to be properly defined in this draft but kind of corpus that you might that you might still go upon, why you interested this topic …ideally make it ready to talk about it 5 to 10-minute length and explain a little about the context in the draft) and please be noted that after the draft if I got any comment from the professor I will update you and please listen to the video first which will send it by email

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