Where did the advertisement appear (provide the title/site)?

1. Select an advertisement from a popular magazine, newspaper, website, platform. Look for something that is (ideally) large, has text and images, and is trying to “sell” a product (as opposed to an idea such as an advertisement to quit smoking or a public service message). Answer each of the following questions about where you found the advertisement:
You must provide a working link or attach/embed a picture of the advertisement.
A. Where did the advertisement appear (provide the title/site)?
B. What month, issue or year did you select the ad from?
C. Was there anything else being advertised in the location where you found the advertisement — what kinds of products or services were also featured or appeared in other ads throughout the magazine/site/newspaper/platform?
2. Take a few minutes to objectively look at and analyze the ad. Answer each of the following questions about the ad:
A. What is/are the product(s) being sold?
B. Who do you think the audience is, and how can you tell?
C. Write up a descriiption of the ad for someone who has not seen it. Use specific details and describe how things are placed on the page. Make sure to include quotes from the ad or phrases used or implied.
3. Evaluate the messages and strategies that are behind the ad. What is it really saying? Try to look beyond the images and decipher what message the ad sends to consumers and viewers. Answer each of the following questions about the ad:
A. Identify the appeals of logic, emotion, and ethics in your advertisement. Describe in what ways you see these appeals applied and used.
B. What kind of consumer would respond positively to this ad? What kind of consumer would respond negatively? Justify your reasons and why you have taken this view.
4. Finally, write a short paragraph that explains how effective or ineffective you believe the ad to be based on what you have learned from this chapter. You should address how the ad makes a positive or negative impact on consumers, how it fits into the larger “cultural conversation” of consumerism, and what underlying values it promotes or relies on.

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