What is the government’s involvement in the business environment, and the degree of that involvement?

Perform a PESTEL Analysis specifically on LG Energy Solution.
Research the Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental, and Legal Factors that may impact LG Energy Solution operations.
No introduction or conclusion is needed.
Political Factors – What is the government’s involvement in the business environment, and the degree of that involvement?
Economic Factors – Economic factors include the general economic climate, fiscal and monetary policies, economic trends, economic growth, employment levels, government funding, and consumer confidence, and so forth
Social Factors – Social factors relate to demographics such as age and population growth, behavior, lifestyle changes, diversity, education, and career attitudes, among others. Trends in social factors may influence the demand for a company’s products and services, and may also affect how that company operates and adapts
Technological Factors – Technological factors include advances in technology, communications, and information technology, as well as innovation and research and development (R&D).
Environmental Factors – Environmental factors include all those that impact, or are influenced by, the surrounding environment. Environmental factors play a crucial role in certain industries, such as agriculture, tourism, and recreation. These factors include geographical location, weather, climate, global climate change, and environmental offsets
Legal Factors – Legal factors have both external and internal aspects. Certain laws and regulations may impact the business environment in a country, while corporate policies may influence how a company operates. Legal analysis takes into account both of these aspects, and then lays out the strategies accordingly. Examples of laws and regulations include labor laws, safety standards, and consumer laws.
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