What evidence do we have from the novel Indian Horse?

Choose one quota and Write a well formatted essay to summarize your opinion. (***The two quotas below is in chapter 25,26,27)
“Family isn’t always biological.”
Quote 1:
“We never gave a thought to being deprived as we travelled, to being shut out of the regular league system. We never gave a thought to being Indian. Different. We only thought of the game and the brotherhood that bound us together off the ice, in the van, on the plank floors of reservation houses, in the truck stop diners where if we’d won we had a little to splurge on a burger and soup before we hit the road again. Small joys. All of them tied together, entwined to form an experience we would not have traded for any other.
Quote 2:
“Fred and Martha Kelly were good to me. They didn’t try to be parents. They settled for being friends, and Virgil and I grew close. He was my greatest ally. I’d never done homework before or had teachers pay any attention to me. The idea of school as a process of grades and expectations was new and frightening. Virgil sat up late with me and helped me with my lessons. He taught me how to understand school, how to present myself in class, how to fit in with the other kids, and tips and tricks to help me learn faster. School became a pleasure with his help. At home I was asked to help out with household chores. I’d been trained to work at St. Jerome’s. Anything the Kellys asked me to do, I did smartly and well. The first time they thanked me for my efforts I had no words. Because of their own experience with St. Germ’s, they understood. Home life became an easy thing and I got comfortable quickly.”
Do you agree or disagree with this statement? What evidence do we have from the novel Indian Horse? What evidence can you add from your own personal thoughts and connections?

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