What are the usual nonpharmacologic therapies that would help?

Assignment 1: Geriatric Case Study
In this assignment, you will review the Geriatric Case Study (see attachments) and analyze the data to determine the health status of the patient. You will need a minimum of two scholarly references to support your work.
Use the NU665C Geriatric Case Study Questions (Word) (see attachments) document to complete the case study assignment.
Follow the requirements posted in the rubric.
Interactive case studies should be five to seven pages depending on the complexity of the case. This is excluding title and references pages.
All papers must conform to the most recent APA standards.
Case Questions:
What important information is missing from the case study?
Discuss normal developmental achievements and potential vulnerabilities.
What precipitating factors could be contributing to the current symptoms?
What is the differential diagnosis?
Describe the etiology of the primary diagnosis.
How should physiologic complications be monitored and assessed?
What are the usual nonpharmacologic therapies that would help?
What medications could help and why?
Identify safety risks and how they should be dealt with in the treatment plan.
Site Information from this week’s reading material
Boland, R., Verduin, M., Ruiz, P. (2021). Kaplan and Sadock’s Synopsis of psychiatry (12th ed.). Wolters Kluwer.(see epud attachment)
Chapter 3: Neurocognitive disorders
Chapter 25.2: Geriatric Psychiatry
Clinical Case Study Rubric
Note: Scholarly resources are defined as evidence-based practice, peer-reviewed journals; textbook (do not rely solely on your textbook as a reference); and National Standard Guidelines. Review assignment instructions, as this will provide any additional requirements that are not specifically listed on the rubric.
The writer demonstrates a well-articulated understanding of the case study subject matter in a clear, complex, and informative manner. The case study content and theories are well developed and linked to the course content, assignment requirements, and practical experience. The case study includes relevant material that fulfills all objectives of the assignment.
Cites three or more references, using at least one new scholarly resource that was not provided in the course materials.
all instruction requirements noted
30 points
Through critical analysis, the submitted case study provides an accurate, clear, concise, and complete summary of the scenario.
Information from scholarly resources is synthesized, providing new information or insight related to the context of the assignment by providing both supportive and alternative information or viewpoints
Includes all major and minor relevant risk factors based on standard preventative guidelines for age and gender and treatment/follow-up plans.
all instruction requirements noted.
30 points
The summary of the case study provides validated information via scholarly resources that offer a multidisciplinary approach to the scenario provided.
The student’s application in practice is accurate and plausible, and additional scholarly resources supporting the application are provided.
all questions posed within the assignment are answered correctly in a well-developed manner, applying knowledge with citations for validation.
Includes all relevant subjective and objective data; diagnostic testing; routine care to be provided; patient education; anticipatory guidance; review of previous diagnostics; and follow-up of acute concern and chronic health issues, etc.—based on assignment instructions.
all instruction requirements noted.
30 points
Well-organized content with a clear and complex purpose statement and content argument. Writing is concise, with a logical flow of ideas.
5 points
Correct APA formatting with no errors.
The writer correctly identifies reading audience, as demonstrated by appropriate language (avoids jargon and simplifies complex concepts appropriately).
Writing is concise, in active voice, and avoids awkward transitions and overuse of conjunctions.
There are no spelling, punctuation, or word-usage errors.
5 points

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