What are the legal limits of an interrogation?

part 1: Sources of Information
Chapter 6 identifies 3 primary sources of information, each of the 3 has several listed sub-sources. Which sources do you believe is the most useful for an investigator? Justify your choice. Which is the most reliable? Justify your choice. What are the civil liabilities involved in this process?
part 2: Identifying Suspects
Of the various methods for identifying suspects, prioritize your top 3, explain and justify each. Find a case where one of the methods were used. What was the outcome in this case? What would have happened if the investigator acted in an unethical manner?
part 3: interviewing and interrogation
Fully explain the difference between interview and interrogation. Then, identify the preparations taken, when, where and how you would conduct an interrogation. From the video, what did you find to be the most important information given? How will you use this in your own investigations? What are the legal limits of an interrogation? Of an interview?
part 4: Burglary investigation
As the Investigator, create an investigative report which details the investigation from the original scene, interviews, evidence, arrest(s), and probable charges for the offender(s). Be sure to list the practical procedures that need to be followed in your investigation.

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