Should performance-enhancing drugs be legal in professional sports

Paper topic :
Should performance-enhancing drugs be legal in professional sports
The stakeholder for this essay will be the Athletes
Below is the requirements:
Conduct additional research on a stakeholder or stakeholder group, analyzing their arguments and worldview in order to determine possible approaches for persuading them in the next essay.
Project Descriiption: In the last essay, you analyzed the perspectives of several stakeholders invested in your issue. For this assignment, you will choose someone in the conversation from Essay 1 who is currently indifferent or resistant to your idea or position—but is also persuadable.
Therefore, your paper should consider how you will use stasis theory to craft the argument to the stakeholder, emphasize certain values and beliefs in your argument, and/or incorporate specific stories or evidence that will appeal to the stakeholder.
Requirements: A successful paper will:
Explore the specific perspectives, arguments, and worldview of the selected stakeholder
Describe and explain your approach for how to write a persuasive essay to the selected stakeholder
Incorporate 3-5 sources to support your analysis and thesis
Cite all sources in MLA style
Be at least 750 words in length
Be clear, effectively organized, and carefully edited
Be revised and polished for the portfolio.

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