select 3 articles from professional refereed journals.

Each student will select 3 articles from professional refereed journals. The articles must be over 6 pages in length. The articles cannot be from newsletters, or summaries found on webpages, or electronic journals. However, journals that are published but then are also available electronically are okay. They must be data based research articles. A data based article typically uses participants. For this assignment, reviews are not considered data based articles and should not be used. One article must be related to ASD and interventions or innovative accommodations. Another article must be related to racial or ethnic, or cultural issues in ASD diagnosis and/or interventions/ treatment. The third article must be related to an issue of particular interest to you. For each article, a Research Article Reviews Summary Sheet must be completed and submitted through Canvas. The Research Article Reviews Summary Sheet can be found in, and downloaded from, Module 9. In submitting your summaries, include your name, the complete citation (using APA style). The reviews assignment is worth 150 points (50 points for each review). You will need to submit your 3 Research Article Reviews Summary Sheets as one document, in .doc or .docx format, electronically through Canvas. Do not attach or send me a copy of the journal articles. Please do not send your reviews to my e-mail account. I will not read them or grade them. The assignment, as all assignments, will only be read and graded when submitted through the Assignment section of Canvas. You must use your own words. All three reviews will be checked to determine if work from the original source is incorporated into the written portion of the review and passed off as original work. This check is done using TurnItIn SimCheck. TurnItIn SimCheck also checks your work against other student papers from current and prior courses.
The research article reviews assignment will be graded using the rubric in Appendix B. It is important that you review the rubric prior to starting the assignment.
NOTE: If you are not familiar with APA style, it is recommended that you review the American Psychological Association website and review this information there. You could also purchase the 7th Edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. Or, you can typically check a manual out at a local library or the BSU Library. Also, if you wish to purchase the manual you can order a copy from the BSU Bookstore or at Barnes & Noble.

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