“Recommendations to Improve Validity in Future Replications”.

I need this paper rewritten. I have uploaded the original paper as well as a template for what the paper should look like. Please follow the instructions to make the paper better. Previous writer did not follow the instructions resulting in failing grade.
The Evaluation portion should include the same sections covered in your summary. It should NOT recycle any text from your summary. However, it should incorporate any feedback provided on your summary. For example, if I noted that you incorrectly stated that the authors used a convenience sample in your summary, when they actually used a stratified random sample, your Evaluation of the sampling approach should be based on the stratified random sampling technique they actually used.
In evaluating the Introduction you should look for:
clarity and specificity of the research questions/hypotheses,
sufficient discussion of prior literature and theoretical background,
rationale for the necessity of a new study
In evaluating the Methods you should look for:
adequacy of the study design for answering the research questions or testing the hypotheses,
adequacy of the sampling approach,
quality of measurement and data collection
In evaluating the Results you should look for:
adequacy of data analysis techniques and completeness of the presentation
In evaluating EACH Conclusion you should look for:
threats to internal validity,
likely confounding variables,
plausible alternative explanations of the results
Since this is the most important part of your critique, you should devote more time and space to this section.
In evaluating the Implications you should look for:
threats to external validity,
over-generalizations or recommendations that are not warranted by the results, including in the article’s title and abstract
The final paragraph of the paper should be a section clearly titled “Recommendations to Improve Validity in Future Replications”. In this paragraph you should:
Detail at least two specific changes you would suggest for future replications of this study to improve the INTERNAL validity of the conclusions.
Detail at least one specific change you would suggest for future replications of this study to improve the EXTERNAL validity of the conclusions.
Make sure you are basing these suggestions on your previous Evaluation section within the critique! (e.g., If you identified a maturation effect as a likely threat to internal validity in your critique, explain how you would address it here.)
Do NOT repeat the limitations of the study or suggestions for future research, as listed by the authors. Instead, use your own evaluation of the study, over and above what they have listed as limitations.
Make sure your suggestions are ways to improve their study (i.e., to answer the same research question or test the same hypothesis).

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