Identify and analyse the industrial relations issues

1. Students will be required to contribute to at least ten (10) (one response and one argument to class member’s posting weekly) to discussion/ debate forums over the course of the semester.
2. Students are expected to:
o Understand and explain the impact of cultural factors on essential IHRM functions when developing staffing strategies
o Analyse the various approaches/ challenges from cultural perspectives on essential HRM functions for international training and development
o Be able to propose an international compensation and benefits strategies to create lasting value through HR, social and environmental performance; embracing embrace transparency, compliance, and adherence to labor laws and legislation in the host country.
o Identify and analyse the industrial relations issues, performance management and IHRM trends to support the development of HRM, locally and globally.
3. The forums provide an opportunity to extend discussion and debate beyond what students will have time for in class.
4. The discussion/ debate demonstrates the ability of students to critically compare, contrast and synthesize major approaches and challenges in a recruitment policy and to apply them in a creative manner to conceptual debates and real-life challenges; critically reflect on PCNs, HCNs and TCNs employee engagement, satisfaction, commitment and diverse recruitment and selection preferences for employee retention and talent management.
5. Each student is required to provide a response in a discussion/debate fashion to each posted biweekly topic. Within the same week, each student must provide their argument to other student’s response. Therefore, all students will receive one argument from one of their classmates based on their response.
6. There technically is no right or wrong answer for these assignments, but you must make your points based on factual evidence and in a clear and concise manner by providing the logical reasoning (i.e, WHAT, WHY, HOW).
This is the topic to discuss it:
(An expatriate compensation system must strike a balance between adequately compensating and motivating expatriates while limiting costs to corporate headquarters. The cost of a three-year overseas assignment can easily exceed $3 million. Because of the enormous investment involved, developing a comprehensive global expatriate compensation system is one of the biggest challenges facing global HR management. Although multinational employers are striving to globalize their compensation practices, local and regional approaches to international compensation are still the most prevalent.
So when should compensation go global? How should multinational companies compensate an employee on an international assignment?)
please find attached

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