How is this organism grown and cultured for research.

Mine is: Plasmodium
Plasmodium spp. refers to all 5 species in general and then when referring to a specific one you list the Genus and species. Plasmodium vivax (P. vivax). Once you introduce the protozoa this way you can interchange the terms appropriately.
Your outline and paragraph have a clinical/epidemiology focus so use that information for the introduction and conclusion. The 6-I’s should delve into how you get a parasite sample out of the blood and how do you examine it. How is this organism grown and cultured for research. Why does it mutate so easily, how does the lab identify individual species. This lab based/molecular focus should be the bulk of your presentation.
Pathogen selection – basic research and identification of a pathogen you want to study. This identifies the pathogen to be used for the 6-I’s and pathogen project. The 6-I’s is an indepth application of the 6-I’s concept from the book applied to your specific pathogen. This is a written assignment (2 pages max) that will be drawn from chapters 3-6 depending on your pathogen and the chapter that covers your pathogen in detail. It is my expectation that you also draw information from peer reviewed journals to discuss the molecular approach that is common in modern science to pathogen identification.
If any further questions, please let me know.

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