How can you complete this task without procrastinating?

We can use our time more effectively if we have strategies that help us plan and prepare what we need to do to complete a task, finish an assignment, or solve a problem. The 4P Action Plan can help you with this.
When you PLAN, you make sure you understand the task you have been given or the problem you have to solve.
When you PREPARE, you make sure you have all of the resources you need, a method for completing the task, or a list of possible solutions to the problem.
When you PRACTICE, begin working your plan. Try one of the solutions and see if it works. If it doesn’t, try another.
When you PRODUCE, you finish the task, complete the assignment, or solve the problem. You also take what you learned from the experience and use the process again for the next task or problem.
For this assignment, choose one of the tasks or problems below. Using the 4P Action Plan, describe how you would complete the task or solve the problem. Be sure to tell specifically what you would do at each stage (for each of the P’s). So, when the assignment is complete, you should have a paragraph of how to plan, one for how to prepare, how to practice, and how to produce. You may create your own other than the list below.
1. Your history teacher has given you a five-page report to write on Abraham Lincoln’s life before he became President. You must research, prepare an outline, write a rough draft, and produce a final draft within six weeks. How can you complete this task without procrastinating?
2. You received a letter stating that you reached your maximum amount of financial aid. You realize that you still have at least one more semester before completing your degree. What will you do?
3.Identify a problem/issue here at BCC. Some items mentioned in previous classes include:
• Computer access
• Food
• Having online accessibility
• Book prices
• Not enough classes/sections
• Nothing to do on campus
• Don’t like classes/issue with an instructor or advisor

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