Discuss the impact of public opinion on political campaigns.

Textbook- Krutz, G. (2019). American Government 2e. (S. Waskiewicz, Ed.). Houston, TX: OpenStax. (Textbook is available for free download or online access on Blackboard)
Please answer the following questions in 150 to 200 words each, and submit your responses as an attachment in Word or PDF format:
1. Explain the concept of political socialization and its causes. What is the relationship between socialization and ideology?
I wrote some for this one- Political socialization is when people start to see their political values from what they’ve been taught. This process helps individuals decide where they stand politically. Many people like friends, teachers and family can influence a person’s political identity. The logical connection between beliefs and values about a community system is political ideology. Socialization and ideology share similar definitions because they both are developing a person’s public opinion. Creating your own set of beliefs helps build patriotism. Fatima Raja explains,“Through the construction of beliefs (religious, economic, ethnical, etc.) and the participation in groups, individuals mature their own political values.” Political socialization and ideology are important in building good political views.
2. Discuss the impact of public opinion on political campaigns.
3. After reading pp. 251 to 257 in our textbook, discuss the various factors that impact voter turnout during elections.
4. Explain the concepts of initiative, referendum, and recall. Do you think that Connecticut should implement any of these forms of direct democracy?

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