Describe the central conflict of the story and its relationship to the central idea.

Choose a story from the assigned reading and write a paper of analysis in which you include a discussion of the following elements of fiction. Throughout your essay, use examples from the story to support your discussion of each element. The paper must be at least 600 words long.
1. Write an introduction to the paper.
2. State the central idea.
3. Write a short paragraph explaining what you mean by your central idea and how it applies to the story.
4. Choose 3 of the most important elements and provide the suggested analysis for each
a. Describe the central character(s) in the story and relate characters to the central idea.
b. Describe the central conflict of the story and its relationship to the central idea.
c. Identify the point of view and explain how this point of view is appropriate to the central idea.
d. Describe the setting and its relationship to the central idea.
e. Identify the most significant language techniques used in the story and explain how these techniques help convey the central idea.
f. Identify and analyze the tone of the story, the dominant elements contributing to tone, and the relationship of tone to the central idea.

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