conduct research on a past forensic case to analyze how digital data was used to solve the case

Term Paper: Digital Forensic Cases
You have been asked to conduct research on a past forensic case to analyze how digital data was used to solve the case. Choose one of the following digital forensic cases:
U.S. v. Doe (1983).
Doe v. U.S. (1988).
People v. Sanchez (1994).
Michelle Catherine Theer (2000).
Scott Tyree (2002).
Dennis Rader (2005).
Corey Beantee Melton (2005).
James Kent (2007).
Brad Cooper (2008).
Use the Stayer University Library and/or the Internet to search for the case notes and reports.
Write a 6–8 page term paper in which you analyze how digital data was used to solve your selected case. Specifically, you are to:
Summarize the case, pertinent actors, evidence, and facts.
Outline the specific digital evidence used in the case.
Describe the procedures and tools used to acquire potential evidence.
Describe the obstacles faced in the investigation.
Provide links to two modern tools that could have assisted with the collection of evidence.
Integrate into the assignment at least five quality professional and/or academic resources, written within the past five years

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