causes of diabetes among teens.

Topic: causes of diabetes among teens.
PowerPoint must contain research, and it must begin with the planning stage – an outline.
The deliverables for this project will be:
• PowerPoint or Prezi presentation with a background and supplemental images
• Public presentation of the material – (SPEAKER’S NOTES)
For full credit, the outline for your final project should:
1. Be formatted according to APA standards (12 pt. Times New Roman font, double spaced, and formatted like an outline and not a list)
2. Include proper APA citations for all sources you refer to; images citations are not necessary.
3. Correspond with the slides and live presentation of the speech.
4. Be a robust outline filled with information that will adequately organize and prepare you for your speech.
5. Refer to the grading rubric for this assignment in order to properly prepare for your speech.
For full credit, the presentation for your final project should:
1. Be a complete and vibrant presentation from beginning to end
2. Include proper spelling/grammar
3. Include images and/or animations to supplement the words on the slide.
4. Be free or nearly free from filler phrases and words (um, uh, like, etc.)
5. Refer to the grading rubric for this assignment in order to properly prepare for your speech
Review the Final Project Assignment Sheet.
Keep in mind that the information on the topic must contain research.
In the final Task file, you will create a file folder titled with your name and Task 9, and it should include:
(1) PowerPoint presentation that you will use in this week’s lesson
(please leave the PowerPoint blank at this time)
(2) All images that you will use in your final project’s PowerPoint
(3) Plan for an 8-11 minute presentation.
(4) An APA formatted outline that contains
– the introduction to your presentation
– events in your outline
– the conclusion to your presentation.
Zip the file
Create powerpoint presentation and speakers notes based on outline

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