Briefly identify the major elements (i.e., WHO the protagonist is and other major characters in the case, WHERE the case occurs, WHAT the presenting issue is) of the case.

Thank you for taking this assignment below I have what the details of the case study must have. Also, I attached a graded Case analysis if you look at the graded one you will see what is expected from the instructor. Also, I attached a rubric on what is expected from the instructor.
1. Introduction
Briefly identify the major elements (i.e., WHO the protagonist is and other major characters in the
case, WHERE the case occurs, WHAT the presenting issue is) of the case.
Write case analyses as executive summaries. Executive summaries are designed to aid decision makers
(i.e., case protagonists) who need insight and advice for responding to challenging situations. They
provide a concise analysis and recommendation but without all the analytic detail. In professional
practice, executive summaries often represent the first few pages of more comprehensive analyses.
The executive summary format is not intended to be an exhaustive analysis of all possible issues and
alternate strategies but rather a concise, focused summary with the key issues and alternatives only
mentioned to insure they receive consideration. Any situation, no matter how complex, can generally
be summarized in no more than three pages if reduced to its most essential elements. Limit case
analyses to no more than 1,000 words
2. Problem Statement
Give a specific and concisely written formulation of the problem to guide analysis and problem solving. Not a question but a statement of the elements of the problem. Usually no more than two
3. Contextual Analysis
Summarize internal and external issues that created or sustain the problem (i.e., why). Depending on
the system level, these may include: cultural, economic/resource, political/legal, organizational, social,
and ethical issues, interpersonal relationships, and intrapsychic and biological conditions. Use and cite
professional sources (and include APA-style references).
4. Alternative Strategies
Identify what a successful outcome looks like overall (a win-win-win for all involved in the case).
Then provide three possible solutions to the problem. These solutions should achieve the outcome and
address the problem, be plausible, distinct and non-contingent (i.e., not interdependent). Briefly note
advantages and disadvantages and unintended consequences of each possible solution for addressing
the problem.
5. Recommendation
Justify your preferred strategy, explaining why you selected that particular one, how it best resolves
the problem, and how you will determine its effectiveness. Be sure your recommended strategy can be
plausibly supported by resources available in the case context.
6. Ways of Knowing
Self-reflectively identify the basis for your thinking about this case. For example, did you base it on
previous experience, intuition, specific theories, personal values, authority, empirical research,
previous discussion of similar problems, or something else?

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