A flu virus

A flu virus has spread to your region. Your significant other is a research specialist at a local research hospital. They have found an immediate cure. The streets are no longer safe to walk or drive because everyone is sneezing all the time and in a daze walking around zombie-like. Mass chaos is on the verge, but at least the infected aren’t eating each other…..yet. The local fire department has a semi-automatic dart gun to enable the injection of the infected with mini darts. The hospital has found a way to mass produce an antiviral drug and prepare the darts.
You are now sleeping on the roof of the hospital as it is no longer safe at your house and your spouse is working full-time to prepare the darts with a large team. As a professional UAS operator, your gear is with you, and you have an ability to get the darts from the hospital rooftop to the nearest fire station.
– Choose a familiar location (preferably where you are now) that contains, at the very least, class D and G airspace and special-use airspace
– You must get the darts from the rooftop of the hospital to the fire station.
– The SUA you are using has a 25-minute flight time and the platform will allow you to land and release without harm, the package of darts each time.
– You are within line of sight of the hospital, and the hospital is 325′ tall. As you will find locations that you desire and the hospital may only be one story, you will plan as if it is 325′.
– Provide an appropriate geographical reference
– For weather, use the current forecast for the last day of the term in the location you choose. Also obtain a weather radar picture at that last location prior to submission. If that weather is inclement, fully plan the mission regardless, adding a statement that you might possibly need to delay due to weather.
– Submit your additional information in a mission brief (document) in the next activity. At a minimum, the attached documentation should include:
1. Safety information
2. Risk assessments
3. Estimated flight times
4. Energy consumption
5. Emergencies and contingencies
6. Post-flight tasks
7. Waypoints as applicable
8. Weather
9. Terrain and obstacles
10. Oblique imagery of the mission area
11. Airspace intelligence and navigation (current airspace overlaid on map and airspace block for intended operations or detail of intended routes of flight)
12. Aircraft information
– As this is a near post-apocalyptic scenario, we’d likely throw the rules out the door, but don’t in this case. It adds to the fun.
– The hospital administrator has asked you to deliver the darts. There is no helipad at the facility.
– A special Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) has been created within a 5-mile radius of the hospital and you are free to operate with no restrictions in this area.
– If unable in your current location, try to locate a hospital and fire station within a half-mile of each other for this mission.

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