U.S. industry-specific laws versus EU GDPR

The U.S. opted for a different approach to data protection than the European Union’s all-encompassing regulation, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The U.S. chose to implement sector-specific data protection laws and regulations that work together with state-level legislation to safeguard American citizens’ data.
Part 1: Conduct independent research and defend one approach over the other (U.S. industry-specific laws versus EU GDPR). Leverage real-world examples and scholarly resources that support your argument. You must make an initial post before you are able to view the posts of your peers.
Part 2: Respond to at least three (3) of your peers’ posts. At least one of your responses should be the contrary argument to what you posted in your initial response. Ensure your responses are adding substantial detail and alternative perspectives to your peers’ original posts.
Regarding your response to your classmates:
Please highlight a new facet to build on what your classmate stated, add to the conversation, or find an alternative viewpoint and support your response with citations. It’s important to have more than “I agree” or “good point,” when responding!
NOTE: You must make an initial post before you are able to view the posts of your peers. Please make the initial post by Day 3 at 11:59 pm CST and respond to a minimum of three classmates’ initial posts prior to the end of the week on Day 7 at 11:59 pm CST. To view the discussion board rubric, click the icon with three dots that appear in the upper right corner of this assignment box and select “Show Rubric.”
A reminder about conference discussion at the Master’s level:
Try to complete your initial post early during the conference week (no later than Day 3 of the week) and plan to continue dialogue with your classmates throughout the remainder of the week. Think of our online conversations as discussion in a traditional classroom. Remember, the intent of our conference discussion is to take the conversation to the Master’s level.
In addition, posting early has its benefits. You have the opportunity to state your original thoughts without worrying that you are saying the same things that a classmate has already stated.
Finally, please use academic citations from the library to support your statements. Don’t simply rely on Google!

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