Describe the components of a bio-psycho-social assessment text

Role Play 2: Psychoeducation about diagnosis and treatment planning session (covers material learned in weeks 6 and 7): This role play is a sample of the way you would discuss a diagnosis and propose evidence-based treatment to your client in a collaborative and supportive manner. It allows you to demonstrate your ability to provide psychoeducation about the client’s diagnosis or group of symptoms and propose evidence-based treatment modalities to help the client meet his/her/their goals. You will likely need to do some research about the types of interventions that are appropriate for treating specific diagnoses to help inform your discussion.
After completing the activities this week, you should be able to: week 6
Describe the components of a bio-psycho-social assessment text
Articulate the purpose of assessment and diagnosis in social work practice
Conduct the first part of a first session with a client (introduction, informed consent); this is application of concepts learned in previous weeks
Chapter 4 of 5th edition of textbook (16 pages, 44-59), Chapter 14 of 5th edition of Textbook pages 204 to 209
Chapter 3 of the 6th edition of textbook, The Biopsychosocial Assessment
Lane, R. (2014). Is it possible to bridge the Biopsychosocial and Biomedical models? BioPsychoSocial Medicine, 8(1), 3.
Sotomayor, C., & Gallagher, C. (2019). The Team Based Biopsychosocial Model: Having a Clinical Ethicist as a Facilitator and a Bridge Between Teams. HEC Forum, 31(1), 75-83.
After completing the activities this week, you should be able to: week 7
Articulate the purpose of a diagnostic interview
Examine the relationship between diagnosis, assessment, and treatment planning
Describe and evaluate ethical problems related to over-diagnosis, mis-diagnosis, and diagnosis that does not take culture into account
Barsky, A. (2015). DSM-5 and the ethics of diagnosis (Links to an external site.). Retrieved from
Bingham, R., & Banner, N. (2014). The definition of mental disorder: Evolving but dysfunctional? Journal of Medical Ethics, 40(8), 537-42. (Links to an external site.)
Connor, D. (2011). Problems of Overdiagnosis and Overprescribing in ADHD. Psychiatric Times,28(8), 14-18.
Gold, Andrew, Goldman, & Schwenk. (2016). “I would never want to have a mental health diagnosis on my record”: A survey of female physicians on mental health diagnosis, treatment, and reporting. General Hospital Psychiatry, 43, 51-57.

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