Compare the software development life cycle to the security development life cycle

Question 1-When designing a new application or software product that entails access control, security should be embedded throughout its development.
Compare the software development life cycle to the security development life cycle and describe how each is used to enable testing and how they differ from each other.
Search the Internet and find and describe at least two tools to assist with the software development and security life cycles and discuss the pros and cons of each tool.
Question 2-Interpretation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA), and similar laws, is often up for debate due to ambiguous terminology, such as “unauthorized access.” This issue has come up in several recent cases. Read the article, “The Arrest of a Florida Data Scientist Demonstrates a Weird Hole in Cybercrime Law.”
Briefly describe the case, including how the Florida Computer Crime Law and CFAA, are central to it.
Discuss your perspective on whether the type of access Jones performed should make her guilty of unauthorized access and justify your opinion pointing to relevant components of the laws. You can also leverage the other cases presented (Briggs and Rodriguez) on both sides of this debate.
Research and present one other case of unauthorized access that presents a conundrum for current computer security laws and discuss your opinion on the case.

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