Why is your area of topic important?

I will provide almost all the information and all the sources. I just need it to look organized into a Powerpoint presentation with a plagiarism check. ALL INSTRUCTIONS AND INFORMATION WILL BE PROVIDED
You will create a PowerPoint presentation including a title, statement of the problem, brief
literature review, descriiption of a participant, definition of a target behavior and the
measurement system for that target behavior (dependent variable), and an intervention
(independent variable). Below are suggestions for your power points
Slide 1 -Title Slide
● Title of your research
● Name
● Affiliation
Slide 2- Brief Literature Review
● Cite at least 3 behavior analytic research articles
● Why is your area of topic important?
● What has behavior analytic research already shown about your
Slide 3 – Statement of the problem
● What is the purpose of your study?
● Why is it socially significant
● What gaps in the literature will it fill
Slide 4- Potential Participants/Setting/Materials
● Participant. Choose a participant you would like to focus on. It can be a client/student
you are working with, a co-worker, roommate, or hypothetical individual. Describe the
participant with whatever information is relevant. Be as specific as you can. If basing on
a real person, use a fake name. Include anything relevant, such as age, sex, grade, living
situation, work situation, school situation, diagnosis, strengths, concerns, challenges,
modes of communication, etc.
● Setting. Where will sessions take place?
● Materials. What materials will be needed to implement the intervention?
Slide 5 and 6- Dependent Variable
● Behavioral Definition. Name a target behavior you would like to change – this can be a
behavior you want to increase or decrease. Write an objective, clear, and complete
behavioral definition of the target behavior. Make sure to include:
1. The name of the behavior and a clear and complete definition
2. Examples and non-examples
3. When one instance of the behavior begins and ends
In your notes section of the slide write down a rationale for selecting the behavior. Include at
least 3 reasons based on Social Significance and Prioritization from the book and Class 2.

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