What technical elements of the piece shared do you observe (how and why)?

Overview: For each art form that we cover a critique of the form will be performed to assess the understanding of the critical elements and contextual information that comprises an art form.
For this unit, you will choose a piece of music to share (using YouTube or other links to the song). Please remember to post an explicit lyric warning at the top of your post if the song contains potentially offensive language or subjects.
In your initial thread post, you will critique the piece that you have chosen and critique per the prompts and elements below.
Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:
Complete each section of the provided critique sections below.
In critiquing the piece, speak specifically to what elements are shown that make up the piece.
Address each section in full, notate elements and contextual information.
For the contextual information, you will be researching the history of the artist or the piece to show the functions and socio-historical significance.
Address personal connection through terms and elements covered in each section
In your peer engagement, you must reply to a minimum of two separate peer threads reflecting on the following:
What technical elements of the piece shared do you observe (how and why)?
Do you agree with your peer’s analysis of the function of this piece, or do you feel it is different?
What would you add to the observation of this piece?
For your chosen piece of Music, first list the technical observations:
Title of Song:
Composer/Musician Name:
Main Genre of Music: (Classical, Opera, Rock, Jazz, etc…)
Observe at minimum four Composition Elements such as:
Beat, Tempo (fast/slow), Do you notice any patterns?
Is there differences in the melody, does the chorus repeat (ABA, AAB, etc..)
Is it set in a high or low octave or pitch?
Tone Color/Timbre: (What instruments do your hear?)
Texture: Are there a lot of voices and instruments playing at the same time? Is there a lot of harmony with the melody?
Is it in a minor or major key?
Is there dissonance?
Line: Does the song flow smoothly or does it jump from one pitch & note to another?
Second list the Contextual Information:
Is the song from one Genre, or is it a Subgenre,or Combined Genre?
Time Period/Style/Era
Historical Information: (Such as attitude of the artist or culture regarding the art form or subject)
What is the function of the communication of the piece? (Historical, Socio-political, Personal, Therapeutic, Aesthetic)
Third, why did you choose this piece? The Judgment information:
How does it make you feel? Does the music convey emotions to you, or make you feel emotions through the melody & harmony, the lyrics, or other elements of the song?
How do you connect to it?
Is the theme or subject of the song relevant to our society? What can we learn from it?

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