What products/services does the company sell?

Microsoft Word document- Minimum 7 page word Report (excluding Title Page, Reference and Financial data).
1. Using Hong Kong exchange (Links to an external site.) (HKEX) Stock exchange, select a company you are interested in (https://companiesmarketcap.com/hong-kong/largest-companies-in-hong-kong-by-market-cap/ (Links to an external site.))
a. Go to the HKEX Stock Exchange (Links to an external site.) and research the company you chose. You will create a profile for this company outlining the information listed below, track the company’s stocks, as well as present a professional presentation of your company.
2.The report is due on March 10th. Due to the nature of this summative (i.e. it is a part of your exam), this is an absolute deadline. Failure to submit your summative on this date will result in a mark of zero.
THE REPORT(Microsoft Word) – be sure to include a title page and table of contents in your final report
1. Company Profile: (Minimum 1 page)
For the company you have selected, you will complete an in-depth profile which will include the following items:
When was the company founded?
What products/services does the company sell? Are these needs or wants?
What form of ownership did the company first take? (sole proprietor, partnership, etc.)?
Who was the founder of this company? What entrepreneurial skills and characteristics do you think this person had/has?
With respect to the company, is the product/service an invention or an innovation? Explain your answer.
**Answers to company profile questions must be organized into paragraph form**
2. Marketing (Minimum 1 page)
Conduct an analysis of marketing efforts conducted by the company. Your analysis can include how the 4 P’s relate to the company’s products/services. (in paragraph form).
Product: What the company sell. Could be a physical good, services, consulting, etc.
Price: How much do company charge and how does that impact how company customers view the brand?
Place: Where do company promote product or service? Where do ideal customers go to find information about company industry?
Promotion: How do customers find out about company? What strategies do company use, and are they effective?
What is the company slogan and logo? (include picture of logo)
3. Human Resources (Minimum 1 page)
Write a paragraph about 2 types of jobs/careers that would be part of this company. Be sure to explain.
4. Accounting: (Minimum 1 page)
Find one balance sheet and one income statement for the company (you can find this online on the company’s website, usually under “annual report”).
On the balance sheet, highlight the following figures: Cash, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and another Asset of your choice.
On the income statement, highlight the net income/loss. Does the company appear to be profitable (ie: making money)?
Explain in paragraph form.
5. Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): (Minimum 1 page)
Write a paragraph outlining your company’s CSR efforts (start by looking on your company’s website – what kinds of charities do they work with? Do they donate money to their local communities?). If you can’t find anything related to CSR on your company, refer to CSR efforts in your company’s industry (ie: telecommunications, manufacturing, marketing, finance, etc.)
Then discuss any and all known ethical considerations that involve the company. Has the company had any ethical complaints/investigations, discuss. Discuss what possible ethical issues do you believe this company may be susceptible to?
6. Credit and Finance: (Minimum 1 page)
Company Stock Performance – you will track the value of the stock for your company for a one month period by using the stock exchange website (you can also track your stock in the business section of the newspaper, like the Wall Street Journal). Explain the 2 questions below in a brief paragraph.
i. How has the value of the stock increased or decreased over the one week or quarter or yearly period?
ii. Would you invest in this company’s stock in the future? Why?
7. Stock Graphs (graphically) (Minimum .5 page) (You can copy this part and paste)
A line graph that illustrates the performance of the stock for a one month period. Find your company on stock exchange website. Copy or Build your own chart. Select 30 days for the time period and 1 day for frequency. The site will build a line graph of the closing value of your stock for the last 30 days.
Has the value of the stock increased and decreased over the one month period?
A bar graph that summarizes the return on your investment for each stock. This means, it shows the change in total value for each stock between the first day and the last day (ie: Dec. 9 stock was worth $45, Jan. 9, stock was worth $50).This relates to question ii above…
Has the value of the stock increased or decreased since the first day it was purchased? By how much? Use this graph to help you answer ii above – would you invest in the company based on how the stock has changed over the past month?
Business Analysis Report checklist
– Microsoft Word, 12 pt font (Headings can be 14 pt), Times New Roman or Arial. Single-Spaced.
– Title Page
– Table of Contents
– Company Profile
– 4 P’s
– Details on Ethics/Corporate Social Responsibility
– Article Summary
– Company Stock Performance
– Line Graph
– Bar Graph
– Summary Explanation of Stocks

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