What is the norm that you are breaking?

Breach-A-Norm: Students are asked to engage in an exercise of breaking an accepted rule (or norm) in society.
Breaking norms are those things that people do, and you simply look at them and think… “umm.. okay…” you wouldn’t think twice about a child throwing a tantrum in the store if it were socially acceptable!
Therefore, you will be conducting the breach a norm from outside your home or within your home! Get creative! Trust me, you can break several norms without leaving where you reside and there are plenty to break when out and about!
Break a Norm From Home Example:
If you are going to conduct from home, you have a lot to work with! Trust me, you can break several norms without leaving where you reside!
An example: I have ALWAYS slept on the left hand side of the bed every single night for the past 13 years that I have been married… what if all of a sudden, I got ready for bed, and instead of going to my side of the bed, I laid down on my husband’s side of the bed… I mean… there is no rule or law that has been established that I ALWAYS have to sleep on the left hand side of the bed…right? What would his reactions be as I simply played it off and got into bed on his side? How would I react? (Do not use this example)
Break a Norm Outside Your Home Example:
An example: Why is it that you are only socially allowed to workout from the comfort of places such as your home, the park and/or a gym? Why not while grocery shopping? One can get in a great work out at Target. Walking around with a grocery cart? Why not do some squats and lunges? Want to add weights? Grab a sack of potatoes and start doing some curls? There is no law that dictates that I can’t work out at Target, so why don’t we do it? (PS. I had a student that worked out at Target for her paper! Do not use this examples)
If you would like to conduct the assignment outside your home, that is fine, however, it must be done under precaution. This would mean wearing a mask if you are to be anywhere that requires them.
Not complying to wearing a mask would fall under my rule where I state: “The experiment should not negatively affect the physical or spiritual health of the student or observers.” Additionally, I will not accept any assignments where you breach personal space.
I don’t want you to get in any kind of trouble or altercation for the sacrifice of this course and assignment! YOU ARE NOT TO BREAK THE LAW when conducting this assignment. If you do, you will receive a 0 for the assignment. For example, in the past I had a student park in a handicap spot and the student received a ticket…
Thank you for your understanding! Again, have fun with the assignment!
Additionally, please make sure that the norm you are breaking has occurred during the duration of being in the course. NO PREVIOUS experiences. Thank you.
The experiment should not negatively affect the physical or spiritual health of the student or observers.
Following the exercise, students will write an essay of at least two pages full in length that is typed and double-spaced.
The essay should incorporate answers to the following questions:
1). What is the norm that you are breaking? Why did you choose to breach this particular norm? What is the underlying value behind this norm?
2). What were the reaction of others? How did you understand the reactions sociologically?
3). What was your personal reaction to breaching the norm? What are your reflections for why this type of exercise is important?
4) Use one of the 3 Sociological Theories in Sociology (Conflict, Functionalist or Symbolic Interactionism) to explain how they would view the norm that you broke. Would they find it harmful or beneficial to society and why?
5) Sociological Analysis: Expand on your observations, analyze sociological terms from the textbook that seem relevant to the norm that you broke. Sociological terms should be highlighted in BOLD and should also include a definition of the term followed up in your own words how the term you selected relates to your experience in breaking the norm. You must use at least 6 sociological terms in your assignment.
Please disperse your six sociological terms throughout your assignment and not all in one paragraph.
Your sociological theory does not count towards one of the six sociological terms.
Book: https://openstax.org/books/introduction-sociology-3e/pages/1-introduction

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