What is a research article review?

Part 2 is worth 75 points
Directions: After students have submitted their requests, I will analyze them. For those who submitted topics, I will submit back to you one research article that pertains to one of your topics. You will be able to choose one of those articles for review. Those who submit research articles, I will let you know which articles I approve of and you will choose from there (if there is a choice). If none of the articles or topics you submit fit the requirements, I will counter with an article as similar to the subject matter you chose as possible. Students will receive feedback on this from me by Wednesday, March 9th at 5:00p.m.
What is a research article review?
The ability to read, understand, and critique the primary literature in a discipline is an important skill to develop. In criminology, the primary literature consists mostly of empirical journal articles- articles that report the results of qualitative or quantitative empirical research (though there are also theoretical papers as well). How research papers are formatted generally makes it easy to identify whether an article is empirical – if it has a method and results sections, it is reporting the results of one or more research students and is therefore an empirical article.
For Part 2 of this assignment, you will either choose or be given an empirical article to read and critique. Your goal in this assignment is to read closely enough to have a complete understanding of the methods, results, and conclusions, as well as to form your own assessment as to the quality of the research and the validity of the author’s interpretation of the findings.
Part 2 should be at least 750 words in essay format and encompass the structure below (the citation is not included in the word count.
Due Date: Monday, April 18th at 10:00a.m.
Part I: Citation
At the top of your paper, give the complete, ASA-format citation for the article you have chosen. Do not include the article title or journal name in your article review.
Part II: Summary
Please summarize the article using the following format. Include one paragraph for each of the following:
Research Hypothesis/hypotheses. What is the research question (or questions) being asked and/or what hypotheses are being tested? Some authors are very explicit about this, actually listing hypotheses; others are less so. But all articles should make some statement of the questions the authors set out to investigate.
Research Design. Provide a summary of the most important details of the research design. Include some descriiption of participants (how many and who they are), method, and procedure.
Variables (if applicable). List the most important independent (or predictor) and dependent (or outcome) variables and how they were measured.
Results. Briefly describe the most important results. Be accurate, but as succinct as possible.
Interpretation of tables/figures (if applicable). If there are any tables or figures in the article, summarize the information being conveyed. Be complete. If there are sections of the table/figure you do not understand, summarize what you do understand and indicate the parts that were confusing (e.g., “I didn’t know what the heterogeneity column referred to”). IF there is more than one table, summarize only the last one.
Conclusions. Briefly summarize the author’s major conclusion(s). Were the hypotheses supported?
Part III: Critique
Include at least one paragraph for each of the following sections.
Provide your assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the research design and data analysis. You may consider any of the following, or any other factors that you think are important: choice of participants (e.g., how many demographic characteristics), recruitment strategies, how the variables are measured, type of study (e.g., qualitative or quantitative), instructions, procedures, personnel involved in the data collection (e.g., interviewers, confederates), variables that were not considered or controlled, statistical procedures used (if applicable). Sometimes authors will provide their own assessment of the strengths and/or weaknesses of their study. It is permissible to incorporate some or all of these assessments into your own paper, but please use your own words to describe the fundamental point(s) and try also to add your own independent assessment. Don’t just take the authors at their word – do your own thinking.
Provide your assessment of the validity of the conclusions reported. Are the main statements made by the authors in the discussion section actually supported by their results? Are there other conclusions or interpretations that the authors have either not thought of, or have chosen not to report?

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