What formatting or design choices define the genre?

Assignment 2: Writing with Genres in Context
The purpose of this assignment is to:
demonstrate how well you can explain a genre of your choice,
compose your own example of that genre, and
justify how your example conforms (or successfully bends) the genre conventions.
There will be three major components to this paper. First, working with your genre of choice, define what the genre is and how it works (rhetorical situation, genre conventions, etc.) using three (3) examples of the genre. Then, you will compose your own example of that genre. Finally, you will explain why your text belongs in the genre and how it matches up with the examples you provided.
Note 1: Remember that when we talk about genre in this course, we are not only talking about literary genres – we are talking about genres of composition. Therefore, choosing something like the “mystery” or “science fiction” genre will not be useful. You can refer to our textbook for the types of genres we cover in this course.
To get started, choose a genre you want to compose in. (This is important because you don’t want to be stuck with a genre you don’t like if you have to compose in it.) If you’re not sure what to choose, ask your instructor for guidance. Before you compose, find three (3) examples of that genre to use as evidence for defining the genre and how it works. After you’ve defined the genre, compose your own example and justify how that example conforms or successfully bends the genre conventions.
When you’re ready to begin the writing process, think about the following:
How would you define this genre, especially in terms of the rhetorical situation and the genre conventions?
In terms of style, what is the tone of the genre and how does it appeal to readers?
What formatting or design choices define the genre?
What is the most common medium for this genre? In other words, where is this genre most commonly found? How does that location/technology impact the format of the genre and who can access it?
Who uses this genre? How do they use it? What types of things usually get talked about with this genre?
How do the examples you’ve chosen conform to the genre? Do any of them bend the genre, and if so, why are they still part of the genre?
How will you transition from the definition to your composition?
How will you justify your composition as belonging to the same genre? (Ideally, you should use the same criteria for justifying your composition as you did for the examples.)
Format & Layout
The formatting of your paper should be MLA in the parts that are the academic parts, the formatting of the genre text portion should match the genre you have chosen.
There will be three major components of this assignment: your explanation of the genre, based on your examples; your example of the genre; and your explanation of how your example fits the constraints of the genre as you’ve defined them.
Sample General Outline
Introduce the paper’s purpose, the sections, and their orders
Genre Definition
Explain what genre you’ve chosen
Define the genre’s style, design, and medium
Explain who uses the genre and why they use it
Genre Text
Include your own composition here
Genre Text Explanation
Explain how your genre text matches the constraints you’ve chosen
Explain how the genre conveys your message and why it is an effective choice for the message
Specific quotations should be referenced using your course’s citation style. The paper should be between 5 and 10 double-spaced pages. Final submission should be as an Adobe PDF or MS doc or docx file.

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