List 10 items that come to mind about each topic (Brainstorm or do a self-assessment, only).

Use Lecture notes (Powerpoint Slide Presentation) and notes under UNIT 3 – FOUNDATIONS as guide to assist in completing this assignment.
Choose 3 each Topics from those listed on slides in the Power Point presentation from Chapter 2 – Composing or from others that lend to the purpose for which to write a Term Paper. Use method described below to write the first paragraph of each chosen topic. e.g.
A) List 10 items that come to mind about each topic (Brainstorm or do a self-assessment, only).
B) Prioritize (list items according to importance of information about topic the author wants to share)
C) Prioritize (rearrange the second time – in order of importance)
D) Choose the three most desirable points of each of the three topics and do the following:
For each of the three Topics, take the three most important items (#s 1, 2, & 3) and use as sub-topics to write the first paragraph of each paper on chosen topic. Must be at least six (6) sentences and must show minimum five (5) references/sources for each topic in bibliography.
NB: Focus on topics that benefit you academically, benefit you career wise, and benefit the general public, as a whole.
Combine all parts in sequence from above, in professional writing style, and upload.
DUE: MARCH 7, 2022 BY 11:59 PM
ch02 Composing_a.ppt

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