If it is the family situation, why is Benny their brother not affected?

Learning Goal: I’m working on a history question and need a sample draft to help me learn.Mansfield is a master of the short story, especially famous for her use of understatement and even silence: using words to their ultimate potential. That creates a challenge for the readers but also unique rewards. The story of Josephine and Constantia has a special difficulty of being told from their limited perspective, which requires the reader to hone in on their patterns of not just behavior but also expression to get to know who they are. For example, when they say “The week after was the hardest week of their lives,” why don’t they refer to the event directly? Why do they keep accusing themselves of being “asleep?” Why do they ask Nurse Andrews to stay with them, even though they want the opposite? Why does Constantia describe herself as “crucified?” In a page or so, describe who the two sisters are as adult women, as the result of the life spent taking care of their father. Please pay attention to what they say and do not say, because that is the only information that Mansfield gives (and all that we need if we pay attention) to understand what made them the way they are. What is to blame for their situation? If it is the family situation, why is Benny their brother not affected? Please use quotes to illustrate your analysis.Please copy your minimum 300 words answer and post it to Discussion Board (start a Thread.) You will then be able to read other students’ posts and respond to One of them in 150+ words, explaining why you agree or disagree with their post, and adding commentary. Please focus on the author’s ideas rather than simply praising someone’s response.
Requirements: 450 words minimum

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