How do these features inform dominant expectations and norms around sexuality?

Gender differences and hierarchies are commonly treated as “natural” in American society. However, as sociologists have demonstrated, gender is socially rather than biologically constructed. This week you’ll be critically examining the construction of gender and sexuality in society, and the impacts this has on all of us. In a minimum of two single-spaced pages, please respond to the following questions:
First, what are typical features of masculinity and femininity in American society (be sure to draw on the films The Mask You Live In and “The Dangerous Way Ads See Women” here to illustrate your points)? How do these features inform dominant expectations and norms around sexuality?
Second, how are gender and sexuality (and the assumptions and norms that inform them) socially constructed through institutions, such as the family, media, education, work, and government?
Third, describe and demonstrate how is gender and sexuality are stratified in society. What are some of the most significant consequences or impacts of these social hierarchies?
Finally, how have these social constructions of gender and sexuality shaped your own experiences in society?

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