Focus on a topic that addresses one specific aspect of the culture, traditions, or everyday life of ancient Greece.

Research Paper
Submit a research paper of 2–3 pages, plus a works cited page.
Your research paper should
• Focus on a topic that addresses one specific aspect of the culture, traditions, or everyday life of ancient Greece.
1. You may consider any of the following areas of interest as a starting place for determining a topic:
a. Art
b. Architecture
c. The Olympics
d. Wars
e. Geography
f. Mythology (Gods & Goddesses)
g. Famous Greek People
h. Everyday Life
i. Clothing
j. Language
k. Jewelry
l. Theater
• Include an introduction paragraph with a clear and effective thesis statement.
• Include body paragraphs that
1. Feature evidence that supports your thesis.
2. Contain synthesized information.
3. Use a clear and effective pattern of organization.
4. Contain correctly formatted in-text citations for at least three different sources.
• Include a conclusion that
1. Restates your thesis.
2. Summarizes your research.
3. Closes by leaving the reader with a new understanding or a call to action.
• Includes a works cited page that
1. Contains a source citation that corresponds with each of the in-text citations listed in the body of your paper.
2. Correctly documents all sources using MLA format.
• Use an objective and academic tone and style that are consistent throughout and appropriate for the research paper.
• Vary sentence structure in a way that helps to enhance the readability of the paper.
The final draft of your research paper will be turned in at the conclusion of the lesson titled “The Final Touches.” When you turn in your final draft in this lesson, you should also turn in the other assignments you have completed during the research process. These include
• the Research Plan Graphic Organizer
• the Research Index Cards
• the Formal Outline
• the Rough Draft
• the Revising and Editing Checklist

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