Find & select “EXIT” at the upper right hand corner.

Log-in Link: (if the link doesn’t work, search “websmart smccd” on google, or with any search engine)
Log-in Info:
– Username: vincentnattan
– Password: yJrB8890*
1. Please log in to websmart
2. Find & select “EXIT” at the upper right hand corner.
3. Select “Canvas”
4. Select “ART-101-OLH-Art & Arch frm Anct World to M- CRN 43803”
5. Select “Quizzes”
6. Select “Midterm Exam – Open Monday, March 7 – Friday March 11”
– *Exam due March 11, 2022, 11:59pm*
There will be some multiple choice, and essay questions. I’ll send the study guide info through the files. But to find it:
1. Be on “Canvas”
2. Select “ART-101-OLH-Art & Arch frm Anct World to M- CRN 43803”
3. Select “Modules”
4. Start from:
– “Week 1 (Jan 18 -21): Intro to Class & Prehistory”
5. Then scroll down to
– “Week 7 (Feb 28 – Mar 4): Hellenistic Art”
*The lecture weeks in between Week 1 & Week 7 are also required knowledge for the midterm.
Please feel free to contact me anytime for more info.
Thank you!

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