draw on your knowledge from your field to identify a way your field can curb atmospheric CO2.

For Paper #1, you will use the following simulator (link https://test-learnermedia.pantheonsite.io/wp-content/interactive/envsci/carbon/carbon.html) to identify a strategy for curbing carbon emissions into our atmosphere. Environmental science is an interdisciplinary field with multiple practitioners and academics. Our class is also interdisciplinary, with many of you acquiring degrees from differing fields (e.g., Urban Studies, Hospitality, etc.). This paper will be your opportunity to draw on your knowledge from your field to identify a way your field can curb atmospheric CO2.
In a 750-word essay (excluding title and reference page), in APA format, students will be expected to:
1) Simulation portion of the paper: Using the simulator linked above (image below), identify a realistic balance between “Change in fossil fuel use per year” and “Net deforestation rate per year” that keeps atmospheric CO2 below the orange goal limit line from 2021 to 2100. This will require both a decrease in fossil fuel use and a decrease in deforestation.
Screen Shot 2021-09-02 at 10.37.21 AM.png
Once you’ve identified a suitable balance with the simulator, take a screenshot of your graph and place it in your paper and name it “Figure 1: Carbon Cycle Simulation.” This figure should be placed after section two of your paper. This is the section where you describe your solution to decreasing emissions and deforestation in your field.
2) Written Portion of the Paper:
-The paper should include an introductory paragraph where you present the argument for your paper in one sentence (e.g., In this paper, I argue that the hospitality industry can reduce the amount of animal-based food products served to patrons and replace those products with plant-based food products to decrease carbon emissions and decrease deforestation.), a quick descriiption about your field and how it impacts the environment globally and how the environment impacts your field, and a roadmap thesis statement at the end of the introduction describing your paper’s layout (e.g., In section one I describe the impact of carbon emissions and deforestation on land and ocean ecosystems, section two describes my solution to decreasing carbon emissions and deforestation, and section three provides the conclusion.).
-For the body of your paper, one section should describe how emissions accumulate in the atmosphere and how this leads to global warming. This section should also describe what global warming does to ocean and land-based ecosystems generally. The second section should describe your solution to decreasing carbon emissions and deforestation. This will require you to do some research. Feel free to use any sources, but you must cite your sources (see below for details on APA citation formats). You should refer to your simulated graph in this section to help explain how your solution will help lead to the simulated change in atmospheric CO2 over time (e.g., replacing BLANK% of animal-based products with plant-based products by 2040 will help decrease deforestation by BLANK% amount and carbon emission by BLANK% amount).
-Your conclusion should wrap up the paper by discussing what your paper argued and how feasible your solution would be in your field. End by providing some realistic action items you and others can start doing right now to implement your solution.
Your essay must be a minimum of 750 words in length (not counting the title and reference page).
Your essay must use at least four outside sources (both in-text citations and a reference page is required)
Please use proper grammar and punctuation in your response and follow an APA format.
APA Format includes double-spaced, one-inch margins on all sides, 12-point Times New Roman font, a title page, and a reference page.
APA format for this assignment DOES NOT include an abstract (do not write an abstract).
Feel free to use headers in your paper.
-If you have additional questions about APA essay formats, in-text citations, or the reference page format, please click on the following links: APA Format (Links to an external site.), APA In-Text Citation (Links to an external site.), APA References Format (Links to an external site.).
-Free essay grammar checker: Grammarly (Links to an external site.)(I like to use this one, but there are many others too).

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