Describe the normal structure and function of the organs/tissues/cells

Writing Project Information Sheet
As you are beginning to be aware, humans are complex organisms. Thousands of things can go wrong with the body that range from infectious diseases to genetic disorders to metabolic abnormalities. This project allows you the opportunity to explore a disease of interest to you.
Your paper should include, in this order, with labeled sections and subsections (headings):
The abstract summarizes the main points in the paper. The reader should be able to determine the major concepts in the paper without reading the entire paper. It is best to compose the abstract after the paper is completed.
The introduction is used to introduce your topic of interest. It must include some background information regarding your topic.
The discussion is the body of the paper. It must include the following information:
A descriiption of what causes the disease. If it is an infectious disease fully describe the microorganism that causes the infection. If it is genetic fully describe how it is passed on (dominate, recessive, sex-linked, chromosome if known, etc.). If it is metabolic in nature fully describe the metabolic pathways and why/how they are disrupted. Get it? — everything known about the cause of the disease.
Symptoms & Diagnostic tests
The doctor uses a descriiption of the symptoms and what tests to confirm the
Effect on the body
Exactly which organs/tissues/cells are affected and how are they affected. Describe the normal structure and function of the organs/tissues/cells and contrast that with the structure and function when affected by the disease.
Treatments & Prevention
A descriiption of the treatments and the prevention measures (if applicable). Describe specifically how the treatment works down to the cellular level (if possible). Mention any side effects from the treatment. It may be interesting to note the history of treatments for the disease. If prevention is possible (such as pest control, life style/behavioral changes, or vaccines) discuss these options.
Incidence/prevalence data and geographical distribution. Provide the most current statistics for the number of cases of the disease in the U.S. and worldwide (if possible). Statistics must be less than 3 years old. If possible provide both incidence (how many people contracted the disease during a particular period of time — say last year) and prevalence (how many people have it at a particular time – no matter when they contacted it). Also note if the disease affects one gender, age, race, etc. more frequently, and explain why. If the disease is more frequent in particular geographic areas describe where and why.
Include any graphs, figures, tables, maps to help emphasize the written text. Place them at the end of the discussion. Be sure all figures are properly labeled, and properly referred to in the text and, unless you have created the figures yourself, be sure they are properly cited.
In the conclusion you should discuss the effectiveness of the treatments and preventive measures. Describe the prognosis for a patient with the disease and if that has changed over the recent years. Describe any ongoing research and any new theories about the disease.
Scientific and other biological terms used in the paper along with a short definition in your own words.
This section should be a numbered list all references cited in your paper (it should not include any references that you have not cited within the paper). Number your references in order of use. Please use APA for references list.
Research Project Details:
1. STYLE: APA with numbered references (see template provided)
2. Write in grammatically correct English in a clear and logical order.
3. The discussion should be at least 2-4 pages in length (excluding tables, figures,
maps, etc.).
4. Please use 1.5 spacing, font Times New Roman size 12, black ink, white paper,
standard 1-inch margins.
5. Use a minimum of 4 cited references. At least 3 of these references must be from a peer reviewed article (i.e. an article about original research on the topic published in a reputable journal such as the Journal of the American Medical Association or the Journal of Neuropathology). Use the Academic Indexes available through the library to access this type of material.
6. Proper in-text citations using a number (1) that corresponds to the reference found on your reference page. In cases where you are using multiple references from the same source that has a page number, use the number of the source followed by the page number: (1, 213).

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