Describe how the environmental hazard adversely influences the health of people.

Remember, morbidity, mortality, incidence and prevalence may not be kept on all hazards. You may have to expand your idea of statistics/data to include other aspects, such as, estimated number of power plants in the county or state; estimated households or businesses with access to the chemical; or work settings where people are exposed, etc…
The estimations and other data must be from a credible source!
NOTE: Before starting this assignment, it is recommended that you review all of the following:
Read the entire assignment instructions.
Review the Environmental Hazard Paper Grading Rubric
In order to promote scholarly writing, review the Academic Writing Grading Rubric
APA 7th Edition is required.
Identify your hazard per site faculty instructions. Perform Internet searches about that specific hazard to identify credible references. Search the library for health care literature. This report is to address a specific health hazard, a specific agent or other assigned hazard. Show critical thinking
Include references for all data given in your report. Cite a minimum of 2 references (professional/governmental—not Wikipedia, etc.) to support your discussion. Use correct APA format to reference your discussion and include sources on a reference list at the end of your assignment.
Post your paper on the Environmental Health Forum and submit to the labeled dropbox for grading. (Post directly on the forum, and not as an attachment).
State which environmental hazard you have been assigned. It must be a specific agent (i.e. it can not be something quite general such as air or water pollution, landfills, pesticides, medical waste, secondhand smoke, etc. Describe the chemical/pollutant–where it is found and how humans can be exposed to it.
Describe how the environmental hazard adversely influences the health of people.
Discuss the Healthy People 2020/2030 Objectives relating to the hazard.
Discuss how serious of a threat the hazard is to the health of the people in each of these geographic areas. Be specific and use statistics to support your conclusions.
In your community (state which county you are addressing)
In the state of Oklahoma
In the United States
Identify any control or preventative measures which are helpful to do or being done to decrease the health risks from the hazard selected. Include both regulatory and personal prevention measures, when applicable.
Discuss the role nurses and the profession of nursing can have in impacting the detrimental effects of the hazard.
Find an Internet site (not listed above, not CDC) related to the hazard.
Site it as an annotated bibliography (For example: Site the source—website with address, and briefly summarize what is available at that website
Write at least a paragraph. Show critical thinking in your response.
I have added my paper thus far. I am having trouble with the section regarding finding county, state, U.S., and international statistics. I then have the section left about the role of nurses.

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