Describe any areas in which the PO may need improvement.

Select one of the parole officers below featured in the film. Compose an evaluation on the ways in which, if any, the PO you selected uses each of the principles of motivational interviewing (MI). Describe any areas in which the PO may need improvement. Mindful of the stages of change, assess how your PO’s communication style promotes (or fails to promote) change within the individual under their supervision.
1. PO Pawlich
2. PO Brayfield
3. PO Montoya
Please limit direct quotes to two (2). Direct (or lengthy) block quotes are not permitted. With the exception of two (2) direct quotes which must include a proper citation, please do not copy word for word or nearly word for word from any source including my lecture video and the film.
APA citation
This is the video for this assignment:

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