Describe an experience in which retrieval cues led you to remember something.

1. Describe an experience in which retrieval cues led you to remember something. This experience could include things like returning to a place where your memory was initially formed, being somewhere that reminds you of an experience you had in the past, having someone else provide a “hint” to help you remember something, or reading about something that triggers a memory.
2. How do you study? Which study techniques that you use should be effective, according to the results of memory research? How could you improve your study techniques by taking into account the results of memory research?
3. Create a list of words and questions for a levels of processing task involving surface and deep processing. (see slides 5, 10, 11, or 12 and/or Google/YouTube experiments for more examples) Complete this demonstration on a 1-2 people. Be sure to explain afterwards to them about elaborative rehearsal (& levels of processing) and how that can help them remember things. Share your list and questions, their answers, your reactions, their reactions, and your explanation of elaborative rehearsal, levels of processing, and how it helps memory. Feel free to throw some context or recall obstacles in there too if you’d like.

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