Create drop down menus

Task 1: Create drop down menus
In the “Data” worksheet, create a drop down menu (data validations) for each of the following fields:
– Gender
– Insurance
– Arrival via ambulance
Remember to clear the drop down menu (data validation) settings for the field names/column headers in the first row.
Task 2: Copy worksheet, rename worksheet, and sort data (three times). You will have three worksheets for this task.
Copy the “Data” worksheet three times. Rename the worksheets “Sort 1”, “Sort 2”, and “Sort 3”. Select all the records and fields in the worksheet and sort by all of the following:
First Sort: Discharge Date (Ascending Order)
Second Sort: Arrival Date (Descending Order)
Third Sort: Gender (Descending Order)
Task 3: Copy worksheet, rename worksheet, and filter data
Copy the “Data” worksheet. Rename the worksheet, “Filter.” Select all the records and fields in the worksheet and set up filters in ONE worksheet (all filters on one worksheet). Filter the data using all of the following:
Filter 1: Insurance = NO
Filter 2: Arrival via Ambulance = YES
Task 4: Copy and paste visible cells only.
1. Insert a blank worksheet.
2. Rename the worksheet, “Visible.”
3. Select all of the visible data (the data not hidden by the filters applied in Task 3) in the Filter worksheet.
4. Copy and paste the visible cells into the Visible worksheet.

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