Create an automobile class that will be used by a dealership as a vehicle inventory program.

Part 1: Write a Pseudocode for Part II
Part II: Create an automobile class that will be used by a dealership as a vehicle inventory program. The following attributes should be present in your automobile class:
private string make
private string model
private string color
private int year
private int mileage.
Your program should have appropriate methods such as:
default constructor
parameterized constructor
add a new vehicle method
list vehicle information (return string array)
remove a vehicle method
update vehicle attributes method.
All methods should include try..catch constructs. Except as noted all methods should return a success or failure message (failure message defined in “catch”).
Create an additional class to call your automobile class (e.g., Main or AutomobileInventory). Include a try..catch construct and print it to the console.
Call automobile class with parameterized constructor (e.g., “make, model, color, year, mileage”).
Then call the method to list the values. Loop through the array and print to the screen.
Call the remove vehicle method to clear the variables.
Print the return value.
Add a new vehicle.
Print the return value.
Call the list method and print the new vehicle information to the screen.
Update the vehicle.
Print the return value.
Call the listing method and print the information to the screen.
Display a message asking if the user wants to print the information to a file (Y or N).
Use a scanner to capture the response. If “Y”, print the file to a predefined location (e.g., C:TempAutos.txt). Note: you may want to create a method to print the information in the main class.
If “N”, indicate that a file will not be printed.
Provide Source code and //comments on code

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